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RhinoSoft Serv-U v8.1.0.1
8.78 MB | English | Medicina Incl.
Uno de los Mejores Servidores FTP en la Actualidad

Serv-U es un servidor FTP muy fácil de usar y muy completo. Tiene potentes opciones de seguridad: passwords, especificación de atributos leer/escribir/modificar por directorio/archivo para cada usuario, ratios de upload/download, límites de espacio para cada cuenta (disk quota).
Además soporta múltiples conexiones y transferencias simultáneas, acceso a todas las unidades del PC, mensajes de bienvenida/despedida totalmente configurables, mensajes sensibles al cambio de directorio, opción de ejecución invisible, soporte de enlaces al estilo Unix, y mucho más.

Todo lo que esperas de un servidor FTP, lo encontrarás en Serv-U.

Cambios Recientes
Serv-U Version
Serv-U was released July 8, 2009. A complete list of changes and upgrades follows:


  • Added read-only administrator support. Two new administrator user types have been added, “Read-Only System Administrator” and “Read-Only Domain Administrator”.
  • Substantially increased internal HTTP parsing to improve the speed of the Management Console and Web Client.
  • Changed localization (translations) internally to use individual string files instead of separate resource DLLs.
  • Converted all ReadMe_??.txt files translations to UTF-8.
  • Eliminated License.txt from the installation, License.rtf is the exclusive licensing file instead.
  • Added support for UNICODE / UTF-8 passwords. This allows passwords to be extended beyond the ASCII characters. NOTE: some FTP clients do not use UTF-8 for S/Key encoding and therefore may fail.
  • Changed the RhinoSoft.com company logo in the “Program Information” tab to the new 3D version.
  • Changed certificate creation to use UTF-8 allowing certificates to contain any character.
  • Changed certificate viewing to decode UTF-8 encoded certificates.
  • Added the ability for the browse dialog in the Management Console to use the specified directory path as the starting point.
  • Added the ability to export users to CSV (comma separated value) files to complement Serv-U-Setup.exe’s ability to import. See the Serv-U Knowledge Base for full details.
  • Increased the width of the path fields so that space is more effectively used as a result of the size reduction of the “Browse” button in
  • Improved the availability for user system variables for events that do not have an associated login (e.g., User Delete and User Create).
  • Improved browser error message handling retrieving result codes server-side instead of client side. Saves bandwidth and memory allowing only needed messages to be transferred to the browser.
  • Improved numeric field verification in the management console to provide more specific information about invalid entries.
  • Improved file and directory path field verification in the management console to disallow invalid characters.
  • Changed the group membership to a side-by-side list to make adding and removing membership much more efficient.
  • Added support for the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header to identify the actual IP addresses of client computers. This is primarily set by proxy servers and load balancers.
  • Added cipher information to the active session monitor grid and “Spy & Chat” dialog.
  • Changed SSH login so that the “none” login request, used by most SFTP clients to determine the supported authentication modes, doesn’t cause an event to fire and extra entries added to logs.
  • Hide the “Create Directory” button in the Web Client if the logged-in user does not have any directory creation permissions.
  • Added a cancel button for FTP Voyager JV’s logout dialog. This allows the user to go back into FTP Voyager JV.
  • When launching FTP Voyager JV for the first time, the column widths expand evenly to fill the available space.
  • Optimized FTP Voyager JV downloads to use less server-side RAM when a user is logged in.
  • Changed the format for FTP Voyager JV error codes for easier debugging.
  • Added extra support information to FTP Voyager JV’s launch page that responds to the Apple Java Update 1.6_13 for Macintosh machines. This update can break the automatic startup of the “Java Web Start” application which opens “jnlp” files.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected a bug where multi-byte path names would not be interpreted correctly in some cases.
  • Corrected an HTTP bug where a user could bypass the password requirement gaining normal access as granted by the user account.
  • Corrected an HTTP bug where HTTP sessions would not immediately end when Windows Authentication was enabled. The HTTP sessions would eventually timeout, however failed logins should have caused the sessions to close immediately.
  • Corrected an HTTP bug when downloading a file that is actually a Virtual Path where the file name is different than the Virtual Path’s file name, Serv-U would provide the actual file name to the browser when downloading instead of the Virtual Path file name.
  • Corrected a bug where using IP Access rules to block access for a user (by setting the user’s IP access rules) could cause Serv-U to crash.
  • Corrected a help bug when viewing Japanese Management Console Help the table of contents frame was in English.
  • Corrected a Macintosh Firefox problem where the “Browse” button in the upload dialog would be partially truncated.
  • Corrected an FTP PASV command problem when using PASV port ranges, on some systems Serv-U could rarely run out of PASV listeners.
  • Corrected a problem when upgrading from Serv-U 6.4 or lower, certain configurations would not upgrade to Serv-U 8.0.
  • Corrected mistakes in ReadMe.txt and License.rtf.
  • Corrected a bug where email event messages were not being identified as UTF-8 even though they were encoded as UTF-8.
  • Corrected a bug where certain user events (User Deleted, User Enabled, User Disabled, User Password Changed, User Password Change Failure) would not fire for the user’s domain or would fire for the session’s domain. Now these events are fired for the domain in which the user is defined.
  • Corrected a bug in the “Do not log IP rule” dialog in the Management Console where the buttons were misaligned.
  • Corrected a bug in the Management Console where dialogs could not be moved when the page was scrolled down.
  • Corrected a bug where viewing a certificate could cause Serv-U crash the next time OpenSSL was used due to the inadvertent closing of the OpenSSL libraries.
  • Corrected a bug in the Management Console where some dynamically loaded dialogs would not allow for text selection in input fields.
  • Corrected a bug in the Management Console where the Login ID was not being URI encoded when editing the user causing editing to fail when non-ASCII characters were used.
  • Corrected a bug when an email event was setup for Server Shutdown, Serv-U would not send the message. Now Serv-U waits for up-to 30 seconds to shutdown if pending email events exist.
  • Corrected a event bug where execution of an external program could fail if a user was logged in as a Windows User that didn’t have the proper permissions to execute that file.
  • Corrected an SFTP (via SSH2) bug when the client uses SSH_FXP_OPEN to open a file, and didn’t request any access permissions, Serv-U would create a 0-byte file.
  • Corrected an SFTP (via SSH2) bug when the client uses SSH_FXP_OPEN to open a file, requesting both read and write permissions, Serv-U could create a 0-byte file.
  • Corrected an SFTP (via SSH2) bug where Serv-U would always truncate a file when the SSH_FXF_CREAT and SSH_FXF_WRITE flags were specified to open a file. Serv-U now truncates the file only when the SSH_FXF_TRUNC flag is specified.
  • Corrected a database bug; when the search value for the primary table was changed to something other than “LoginID” (for users) or “GroupName” (for user groups), updates to database records could not be performed.
  • Corrected a bug where FTPS transfers could drop the last few packets of data depending on how the client uploads files.
  • Corrected a Web Client bug when uploading a file, the file name was not being encoded in UTF-8 causing Serv-U to store UTF-8 encoded file names incorrectly.
  • Corrected a Web Client bug where the “Home” button would not appear in the “/” directory when the user’s home directory was elsewhere in the path, and the user wasn’t locked in the home directory.
  • Corrected a bug where users containing a comma in the Login ID could not be modified, deleted, or moved to a different user category.
  • Corrected a bug where users were not being unloaded after being created. Creating many users, in one session, could cause excessive use of memory.
  • Corrected a bug where administering Serv-U using a browser (i.e., remotely) and deleting the remote administrator’s user account could cause Serv-U to crash. This operation is now denied.
  • Corrected a directory access bug when a user is locked in the home directory, and the home directory is a drive root, the user could access directories to which permission was not granted.
  • Corrected a Virtual Paths bug where Serv-U versions 6.4 and lower checked visibility of both the virtual path and the physical path, Serv-U 7.0 – 8.0 were not.
  • Corrected a rename bug where the destination file or directory name could contain invalid characters and Serv-U would incorrectly report a successful rename operation.
  • Corrected a bug where an invalid Windows Shortcut could cause Serv-U to fail, leaving the connection in an invalid state where the session would appear to hang. Other connections were not affected.
  • Corrected a tray pop-up menu bug where, on systems running for a very long period of time, the “Themes” menu would appear only as a bar, instead of the submenu.
  • Corrected an installation bug when upgrading from Serv-U 6.4 and lower and using s/key passwords. The conversion would incorrectly set this value for converted user accounts. Introduced in version only.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where a rename of a local file that had its file extension hidden would cause the file to lose its extension.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where a Drag and Drop operation between two remote listings would fail if the user was locked into their home directory.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where the “Multiple Files/Folders Properties” dialog was failing to format numerical values.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where the “Properties” dialog would fail to show the current working directory information if nothing was selected in the listing.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV on *NIX machines where the logout confirmation dialog was too small to show all the text of the dialog.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where Windows Link (LNK) files would fail to upload if the files were dragged and dropped.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where it would try to load a Windows Look and Feel on a Linux OS.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where pressing the [PAGE_UP] and [PAGE_DOWN] keys was causing the listing to scroll one extra row.
  • Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV on Macintosh machines where the gradient colors for the Local, Remote, and Transfer tabs would be drawn outside of their boundaries.
RhinoSoft Serv-U v8.1.0.1
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@junior 29/03/2009 00:04:16 #1

quisiera que explicaran paso a paso para introducir la contraseña en el programa ya que lo he estado buscando y nada que lo he podido dejar ful, agradeceria su ayuda.

@admin 29/03/2009 02:01:23 #2

El programa es 100% funcional durante 30 días, luego de ello su uso es restringido a tu pc, es ahi cuando te da la opción para introducir la key.

Saludos !!

@franklin 30/03/2009 12:24:09 #3

ps apenas lo estoy probando vamos a ver y gracias por el prograama

@Sabid Barahona 13/07/2009 06:45:39 #4

Bueno gracias nuevamente amigos

@Leonidas 13/07/2009 13:10:55 #5

y el password del PATCH men ??? el archivo .rar esta protegido con password pasala ….gracias

@Sabid Barahona 28/07/2009 21:59:50 #6


@Marcos Vargas 01/08/2009 20:50:59 #7

Hola, me gustaria que me dijeran como funciona este programa, debo de instalarlo tambien en la máquina cliente? o puedo usar algun otro programa para acceder a la maquina donde instale el servicio??

Salduos, no se nada de FTP.

Choloma7ico 19_19

@andres 08/09/2009 00:04:54 #8

y la contraseña del patch?

@Diego Justiniano 11/09/2009 11:40:29 #9

Bueno chicos la contraseña esta obvio el archivo es Patch(CONTRASEÑA=KEY).rar <– ahi esta la contraseña es “KEY” con mayus., si es q no se fijaron .. bueno saludos bye

@ricardoxx 19/03/2010 20:13:22 #10

Muy bueno con su aporte

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