Ficha Técnica
AÑO: 2017
PAÍS: Japón
DURACIÓN: 25 min.
DIRECTOR: Kishimoto Masashi
REPARTO: Animation
GUIÓN: Uezu Makoto, Kodachi Ukyou
DISEÑO: Nishio Tetsuya, Suzuki Hirofumi
MÚSICA: Takanashi Yasuharu, Yaiba
PRODUCTORA: Studio Pierrot
GÉNERO: Action, Adventure, Super Power, Martial Arts, Shounen
FECHA DE EMISIÓN: 05 Abril 2017 (Primavera 2017)
Datos Técnicos
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (2017)
WEB 720p/1080p | x264 | ~350 MB | ~550 MB | Audio: Japonés | Subtítulos: Español, Inglés, Alemán, Italiano, Portugués | Animación | PG-13 – Teens 13 or older | Episodios Emitidos: 64
En Konoha han entrado en una era de paz y modernidad. Los altos edificios despuntan en las calles, las pantallas gigantes muestran imágenes de todo tipo y los medios de transporte conectan los vairos distritos. Pese a que sigue siendo una aldea ninja, el número de civiles ha aumentado y la vida de los ninja ha cambiado.
Boruto Uzumaki es hijo del Séptimo Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, y se ha unido a la Academia Ninja para aprender. Otros estudiantes lo menosprecian de inmediato y consideran que solo está ahí por ser “hijo del Hokage”, pero pronto Boruto disipará todas esas dudas sobre él.
Cuando una serie de misteriosos eventos comienza a desarrollarse, Boruto y sus nuevos amigos tendrán que resolverlos.

Listado Episodios
  • EPISODIO 1: «Boruto Uzumaki!» (05.04.2017)
    The Hidden Leaf Village is located within the Land of Fire, one of the Five Great Shinobi Nations. Boruto Uzumaki lives here and he’s the son of the village leader, Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage. One day, Boruto saves a boy named Denki Kaminarimon, who’s being picked on. Denki is physically weak, so he is unable to stand up to the bullies. On his way to the entrance ceremony at the Ninja Academy, Boruto sees Deki again. He notices that his chakra is warped and that he is acting strangely.
  • EPISODIO 2: «The Hokage’s Son!» (12.04.2017)
    After being suspended for the uproar he caused at the entrance ceremony, Boruto makes his way to the academy for the first time. His classmates ostracize him for being the son of the Seventh Hokage and for being suspended. Iwabe Yuino, one of Boruto’s classmates, picks a fight with him. Iwabe is an older student who has a keen sense for battle, but was held back a year for his bad behavior. At first, Boruto ignores him no matter what he says. But when he sees Iwabe punch Denki for telling him to stop, Boruto can’t ignore him any longer.
  • EPISODIO 3: «Metal Lee Goes Wild!» (19.04.2017)
    Boruto’s classmate, Metal Lee, is very dilligent and is skilled at taijutsu. Unfortunately, he gets nervous easily and is unable to do his best when people are watching him. One day one of his classmates, Shikadai Nara, says something that enrages Metal, who attacks Shikadai the next day. Caught in the middle, Boruto notices that Metal’s chakra is warped, just like Denki’s.
  • EPISODIO 4: «A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes!» (26.04.2017)
    At the suggestion of Shino Aburame, their homeroom teacher, Boruto and his classmates split off into gendered teams to capture flags placed on the roof. Boruto and the rest of the boys’ team quickly head for the roof, but they struggle with traps and the girls’ team, led by Sarada Uchiha and Chocho Akimichi. Desperate to capture a flag before the girls’ team, Boruto tries out a Summoning Jutsu, but he ends up summoning something unexpected!
  • EPISODIO 5: «The Mysterious Transfer Student!» (03.05.2017)
    A student named Mitsuki has transferred into Boruto’s class from Hidden Sound Village. He overwhelms Iwabe in sparring and shows his genius by solving difficult problems. However, Boruto and the others are unable to tell what he is thinking. Meanwhile, someone who has been doing repair work on the school, suddenly goes berserk. Boruto and the others rush over. Another side of Mitsuki emerges as he starts muttering strange words.
  • EPISODIO 6: «The Final Lesson!» (10.05.2017)
    Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki arrive at the location they are told to go to by Shino. They notice their teacher is acting different than he usually does— and Shino suddenly attacks them! Shino belongs to the Aburame clan, a clan of Insect Users. He unleashes a swarm of Parasitic Insects. Boruto and the others can’t match the skill of someone who’s a jonin. But even in this situation, Mitsuki remains calm and coldly stares at Shino.
  • EPISODIO 7: «Love and Potato Chips!» (17.05.2017)
    Cho-Cho’s scared because she thinks she’s being watched by someone, so she decides to catch them in the act. She succeeds in snagging Magire Kakuremino, and it turns out he wasn’t watching Cho-Cho, but Sumire, the class rep, whom he secretly likes. Cho-Cho urges him to declare his love, and at first Magire hesitates. But he takes the leap and tells Sumire how he feels!
  • EPISODIO 8: «The Dream’s Revelation» (24.05.2017)
    The shadowy, warped chakra that only Boruto can see takes over more people, causing them to rampage. It only affected people within the Academy at first, but now it’s extending its reach into the village. Can it be stopped? And later, a Visual Jutsu places Boruto within a dream—and afterward, Boruto declares the dream has awakened his Byakugan, the Kekkei Genkai unique to his mother’s Hyuga Clan. Naruto does not believe him, so Boruto seeks advice from his grandfather, Hiashi Hyuga.
  • EPISODIO 9: «Proof of Oneself» (31.05.2017)
    Under his father and grandfather’s guidance, Boruto spars with his aunt Hanabi. Boruto has sought this match in order to win acceptance from his father, but no matter how hard he tries, he can’t activate his Byakugan in any form. He begins to doubt that he even saw the shadowy warped chakra at all, and feels even worse when people begin to think he lied. But then Boruto sees another person being manipulated by the mysterious shadow.
  • EPISODIO 10: «The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!» (07.06.2017)
    Boruto nicknames the mysterious shadow “The Ghost” and is excited when he and his friends Shikadai and Mitsuki decide to solve the recent “Ghost Incidents.” Shino secretly lends Boruto a helping hand by giving their class an assignment to research different workplaces. Meanwhile, Sai, who once served in The Foundation of the ANBU Black Ops, makes a big discovery while investigating the same incident under orders from the Hokate.
  • EPISODIO 11: «The Shadow of the Mastermind» (14.06.2017)
    During a tour of workplaces for their school assignment, Sumire, Wasabi Izuno and Namida Suzumeno get wrapped up in the Ghost Incident and are hurt. Boruto feels bad that he wasn’t there to prevent their harm, and becomes more determined to solve the case. With the help of Tayori Kuroyagi the postal worker, along with Shikadai and Mitsuki, the team scans the village more closely. Then Shikadai and Mitsuki realize one possibility from something Boruto says casually.
  • EPISODIO 12: «Boruto and Mitsuki» (21.06.2017)
    “The Ghost incidents suddenly come to an end and Boruto and his classmates are puzzled, but Mitsuki seems to know something they don’t. Mitsuki himself realizes he’s been undergoing some puzzling changes and questions his classmates in order to figure out his predicament. Soon after, a mysterious chakra begins to spread throughout the village.”
  • EPISODIO 13: «The Demon Beast Appears!» (28.06.2017)
    After Mitsuki reveals more information about the Ghost incidents, Boruto is determined to find and stop the culprit! Meanwhile, Seventh Hokage Naruto and his top advisors are shocked to learn who the perpetrator is from the results of Sai’s investigation. Just then, Nue—an enormous otherworldly beast—appears! The imminent danger to the village forces the Sixth Hokage, Kakashi, out of retirement!
  • EPISODIO 14: «The Path That Boruto Can See» (05.07.2017)
    The late Danzo Shimura was the founder and leader of the Foundation, an elite branch of the ANBU Black Ops. The recent incidents have been masterminded by someone who had sworn to carry on Danzo’s wishes. Boruto is able to enter another world with his strange “eye.” The perpetrator wields the Gozu Tennou, a weapon that relies on the power of the beast Nue, and is set on destroying the village. Boruto desperately tries to dissuade them, but can Boruto’s thoughts unleash a curse from the past?!
  • EPISODIO 15: «A New Path» (12.07.2017)
    The ghost incident that threatened the Hidden Leaf Village is over, and now Boruto is unable to awaken the mysterious power he used. Things return to normal in the village and the Academy, but one thing still troubles Boruto and his classmates…
  • EPISODIO 16: «Crisis: The Threat of Failing!» (19.07.2017)
    Exam day is fast approaching, and everyone at the Academy begins preparing for them. Repeating a grade is a possibility if you fail a test. Denki, who lacks skills in ninjutsu, is having a hard time using chakra to climb walls. And as usual, Iwabe can’t wrap his head around what he’s studying. Boruto and the others try to help them train and study, but end up making things more confusing for the two. Will Denki and Iwabe avoid being held back?
  • EPISODIO 17: «Run, Sarada!» (26.07.2017)
    Sarada agrees to return a teddy bear to a young patient at the hospital, but she forgets it on the train and goes into a panic. Despite having dismissed Boruto and the boys for sitting on the roof of the train, Sarada does exactly that in her desperate search for the toy. Cho-Cho happens to see Sarada and takes her to the station’s lost and found. Sarada retrieves her package and all is well, until…
  • EPISODIO 18: «A Day in The Life of the Uzumaki Family» (02.08.2017)
    The Uzumaki household is thrown into chaos when Himawari, Boruto’s younger sister, catches a cold. Naruto rarely comes home since he became Hokage, and Boruto’s anger toward him grows especially because his sister is so sick.
  • EPISODIO 19: «Sarada Uchiha» (09.08.2017)
    Boruto pulls a prank and is pursued around the village by Naruto. Seeing this, Sarada can’t help but be exasperated, but a part of her grows wistful as she thinks of her father, Sasuke, whom she hasn’t seen since she was a baby. She begins to feel doubt after she sees a photo of Sasuke with a young woman wearing glasses. Sarada becomes determined to learn the truth. Will the secret of Sarada Uchiha’s birth be revealed?!
  • EPISODIO 20: «The Boy With The Sharingan» (16.08.2017)
    Sasuke sends a message to Naruto about a man possessing the Sharingan. Upon receiving the intel, Naruto rushes to meet with Sasuke. Meanwhile, Sarada, who has doubts about who her real mother is, joins Cho-Cho, who is about to set out on a journey to find her “real parents.” Upon learning that Naruto is on his way to meet Sasuke, they go after him. But danger looms when they come under attack.
  • EPISODIO 21: «Sasuke and Sarada» (23.08.2017)
    Sarada arrives at the tower where her father is, only to be hurt by Sasuke’s surprising words and actions. Naruto and Cho-Cho can hardly bear to watch the awkward exchange between father and daughter, and try to think of something to help. But the party is attacked by a father-son duo who call themselves “Shin Uchiha,” and who possess the Sharingan! Meanwhile, Sakura learns that Sarada has gone to meet her father.
  • EPISODIO 22: «Connected Feelings» (30.08.2017)
    Sarada is in shock after Sakura is captured by Shin’s jutsu. Even Naruto, with his exceptional tracking skills, is unable to locate her. Then Sasuke discovers countless Sharingan embedded in Shin’s arm. Following clues gleaned from Shin’s arm, they come upon the laboratory of the heinous Hidden Leaf criminal, Orochimaru, who has been conducting research on Forbidden Jutsu. There, Sarada meets her father’s former partners Suigetsu Hozuki and Jugo. She then asks Suigetsu to look into who her real mother is.
  • EPISODIO 23: «Bonds Come In All Shapes» (06.09.2017)
    Determined to rescue Sakura, Sarada pursues Shin with Sasuke, Naruto, and Cho-Cho. After brutal battles with Shin’s clones along the way, Sarada is surprised to see the bond of trust between Sasuke and Sakura, who haven’t seen each other in years. But suddenly, Shin orders his children to kill the intruders. Since her parents share a bond of trust and love, will Sarada’s journey to learn the secret of her birth reach a conclusion?
  • EPISODIO 24: «Boruto and Sarada» (13.09.2017)
    The Hidden Leaf Village is filled with excitement upon the arrival of the Kage for the Five Kage Summit. Boruto knows that security is tighter than usual, but he still plans on pulling a big prank. Meanwhile, Sarada has found a new goal, to become the Hokage, and trains hard. Behind closed doors, the Five Kage discuss highly classified intel that Sasuke has obtained involving Kaguya Otsutsuki.
  • EPISODIO 25: «The Turbulent Field Trip» (20.09.2017)
    Boruto and his classmates head to the Village Hidden in the Mist in the Land of Water for a field trip. Kagura Karatachi is chosen as the village guide. About the same age as Boruto, Kagura is already an accomplished shinobi and serves as an aide to the Mizukage, Chojuro. Once known as the Blood Mist Village, it’s now more modern and bustling than anyone could have imagined. However, dissatisfaction exists among some Hidden Mist Shinobi.
  • EPISODIO 26: «The Mizukage’s Successor» (27.09.2017)
    Boruto and his classmates are invited to tour the Hidden Mist Academy under Kagura and Chojuro’s escort. The Hidden Mist emphasizes swordsmanship, and Boruto is awed by their intense training sessions. Chojuro sees Boruto’s interest and arranges a sparring match with Kagura, who seems hesitant. Kagura is extremely skilled and has been asked by Chojuro to become the successor to his Great Twin Sword, Hiramekarei, but he has declined.
  • EPISODIO 27: «A Shinobi Bout of Friendship» (04.10.2017)
    Tsurushi Hachiya, Kagura’s former classmate at the Academy, finds Boruto and his friends from the Leaf irritating, so he kidnaps Denki. Kagura and Boruto set out to rescue him, and they find themselves in a battle against Hachiya and his crew. During the fight, the truth that Kagura has been hiding is revealed!
  • EPISODIO 28: «Declaration of War» (11.10.2017)
    Kagura makes up his mind to accept the famed sword Hiramekarei from Chojuro, but unwittingly becomes part of a plot set up by Kagura’s old acquaintance, Shizuma Hoshigaki, a man who opposes the new, peaceful shinobi order.
  • EPISODIO 29: «The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen!» (18.10.2017)
    Kagura unlocks the storeroom to let Shizuma take the Mist Blades. The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen begin an insurrection, the end goal being to turn their village back into the Blood Mist Village! News of the rebellion reaches Chojuro and Mei, the current and previous Mizukage. They are determined to execute the perpetrators, along with Kagura, who aided them. In order to change Chojuro’s mind, Boruto makes an astonishing announcement.
  • EPISODIO 30: «The Sharingan vs. The Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang!» (25.10.2017)
    Chojuro leads Boruto and Sarada to the location where Shizuma and his “New Seven Shinobi Swordsmen” are based. Shizuma uses his jutsu to create a fog that clouds the trio’s vision, and they end up getting separated. Sarada is forced into one-on-one combat with a kunoichi, Buntan Kurosuki, who wields the Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang! In the thick fog, Sarada uses her Sharingan, but her enemy is stronger than expected. Driven into a corner, she comes up with a counterattack. Meanwhile, Boruto goes up against none other than Kagura.
  • EPISODIO 31: «Boruto and Kagura» (01.11.2017)
    Boruto urges his friend Kagura to return with him, but Kagura rejects him and begins to attack. Although Boruto is desperate to save him, Kagura once again falls under a spell and is unable to defy Shizuma. Then someone steps in between the two as they battle. It’s Mitsuki, and he has obtained intel about the rebellion. Just what is the intel, and can Boruto save his friend?
  • EPISODIO 32: «The Quest for Souvenirs» (08.11.2017)
    The field trip comes to an end, and Boruto and his friends prepare to return to Hidden Leaf. Chojuro, the Mizukage, sees them off, but Kagura is nowhere to be seen. The class makes it back to the Leaf Village safely and Boruto is relieved to be home. But Himawari isn’t her usual cheerful self. She’s been looking forward to the souvenir that Boruto promised her, which he completely forgot to get! Boruto decides to tell the truth and beg for Himawari’s forgiveness, but he misses his chance, and things gets worse!
  • EPISODIO 33: «The Super Beast Scroll Slump!» (15.11.2017)
    Inojin has loved to draw since he was small, and his ninjutsu speciality is the Super Beast Scroll. But one day, he suddenly loses his ability to use his jutsu! Puzzled, he talks to his father, Sai, who uses the same jutsu. Even though Sai is sympathetic, he doesn’t give Inojin a way to overcome his slump. Instead he suggests that his son enter into a children’s art contest, which Inojin halfheartedly does.
  • EPISODIO 34: «The Night of the Shooting Stars» (22.11.2017)
    Boruto and his classmates decide to go camping to try to catch the mysterious fish, the Eternal Carp, said to be unforgettably delicious. With graduation coming up this could be the last time the class does something together, so Boruto figures this is the perfect opportunity to catch one, but the fish proves to be very elusive.
  • EPISODIO 35: «The Parent Teacher Conference!» (29.11.2017)
    Prior to the graduation exams, it’s decided that the students will take part in a three-person interview to discuss their future plans. Boruto, who has passed his ninjutsu courses with flying colors, realizes his path toward becoming a “ninja” has been trouble-free and easy. As the students prepare for their finals, Boruto meets a journalist named Sukea who is doing a story on them. Something about Boruto’s indifferent attitude about his future as a ninja raises a red flag in Sukea, and he gives Boruto a warning.
  • EPISODIO 36: «The Graduation Exam Begins!» (06.12.2017)
    It is time for the graduation exams. Boruto and the others complete the first-round written exam and move on to the next. The second round has the students facing off against Kakashi—the previous Sixth Hokage—and the academy instructors in actual combat situations. With the goal to “steal the bell” from Kakashi, every student rushes into action. However, the going is rough against Kakashi and the teachers who guard him. Somehow, Boruto reaches Kakashi first, but the Sixth Hokage shows no mercy. After a tough fight, he coldly tells Boruto that he’s not suited to become a ninja!
  • EPISODIO 37: «A Shinobi’s Resolve» (13.12.2017)
    Boruto’s the first to confront Kakashi in the exam. Despite a determined effort, he is immobilized and angered by Kakashi’s severe criticism of his class. Shortly after, Boruto’s classmates come by to assist and Boruto makes his escape. Although depressed by his own shortcomings, Boruto is able to overcome them and formulate a strategy, thanks to the encouragement of his friends.
  • EPISODIO 38: «Formation of the Three-Man Squad?» (20.12.2017)
    Boruto and his classmates take their first step as genin and start forming their basic shinobi three-man squads. The members are matched according to their ability and compatibility. Boruto was counting on teaming up with Shikadai, but is disappointed when he opts to be part of the “Ino-Shika-Cho” trio, like his dad. Boruto finds himself teamed up with Sarada and Mitsuki. Since he and Sarada have issues with this matchup, they file a direct appeal to the Hokage to overturn this decision.
  • EPISODIO 39: «The Path Lit by the Full Moon» (27.12.2017)
    Originally from the Village Hidden in the Sound, Mitsuki has made up his mind to become a Hidden Leaf Shinobi. In the past, having lost his memory, Mitsuki finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings, unsure of his identity and motive. Mitsuki faces a difficult decision, but his thoughts and feelings that had once been shrouded in mystery, now come to light
  • EPISODIO 40: «Team 7: The First Mission!» (10.01.2018)
    Team 7 sets out on their first mission. Their client is a village who has been plagued by bandits, and their mission is to eradicate them. They meet Kiri, a young girl who has just been installed as the village head after her father’s sudden death. The team soon realizes that this mission is far more dangerous and complicated than first expected.
  • EPISODIO 41: «Strength in Unity» (17.01.2018)
    Team 7’s original mission evolves into a rescue operation after Kiri is kidnapped. The team must face a formidable genjutsu user as well as a skilled sword user. Following Konohamaru’s orders, the team successfully rescues Kiri. But Konohamaru is captured and the trio must battle the enemy alone while protecting Kiri.
  • EPISODIO 42: «A Ninja’s Job» (24.01.2018)
    Boruto is dissatisfied with the team’s easy and lackluster missions since its first one. Team 7 is assigned to capture a suspect who has barricaded himself inside a bank. Excited to show off his skills again, Boruto and the team rush to the site. But the suspect turns out to be a timid individual who was recently fired. A possibility soon arises that a certain organization could be involved!
  • EPISODIO 43: «The Byakuya Gang Surfaces!» (31.01.2018)
    An incident occurs in Hidden Leaf Village and the Byakuya Gang is suspected. The gang steals from the rich to give to the poor, and they’ve been active recently in several villages. Boruto disapproves of them, because he believes stealing is stealing no matter how noble the reason.
  • EPISODIO 44: «Shikadai’s Doubts» (07.02.2018)
    The Byakuya Gang’s activities become more brazen in the Hidden Leaf. While some people view them as heroic, noble thieves, Boruto can’t get himself to approve of their actions. The genin are told to work together to capture the gang, and security in the village is increased. During this time, Shikadai meets a youth named Ryugi. Despite their age difference, a bond grows between them.
  • EPISODIO 45: «Memories from the Day of Snow» (14.02.2018)
    Shikadai and Ryogi became friends playing shogi, but lately Ryogi hasn’t been coming to their usual meeting place. Shikadai’s became worried about his friend’s behavior the last time they met, but he’s kept his concerns to himself. Ryogi is also worried about Shikadai, but is tormented by memories he can’t forget.
  • EPISODIO 46: «Go! The Crest of Night Strategy» (21.02.2018)
    The protest instigated by the Byakuya Gang against the Kaminarimon Company increases in intensity. The Leaf Shinobi, including the genin, are mobilized into action. The teams are assigned sections to keep watch over the protesters, and Team 10, made up of Shikadai, Inojin and Cho-Cho, takes up its position. But Shikadai notices something as he studies the position chart and rushes out on his own!
  • EPISODIO 47: «The Figure I Want to Be» (28.02.2018)
    During the protests, the Byakuya Gang attacks Katasuke’s research center, which has been developing new technology for Scientific Ninja Tools. Shikadai figures out what the Byakuya Gang’s goal is and rushes after them in pursuit with Boruto close by. Even a weak “pawn” can become strong in one move—what are the two friends who bonded through shogi seeking?
  • EPISODIO 48: «The Genin Documentary» (07.03.2018)
    Udon Ise the jonin captain of Team 5, issues a direct order from the Hokage to Iwabe, Denki and Metal, which states: “In order to attract more students to the Ninjutsu Department of the Academy, you will appear in a PR video documentary.” During the Byakuya Gang incident, the three were under suspension, and could only watch as their genin classmates leapt into action. The trio decide to do their best in the documentary in order to prove their prowess, but Udon seems skeptical…
  • EPISODIO 49: «Wasabi and Namida» (14.03.2018)
    Boruto’s aunt, Hanabi Hyuga, leads an all-girl team made up of Sumire, Wasabi and Namida. They are given a mission to recover animals that someone has released from their cages at the zoo. The team sets out, but Wasabi and Namida start arguing en route, and Sumire is unable to stop them.
  • EPISODIO 50: «The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting» (21.03.2018)
    The Chunin Exam assembles exceptional genin from each village and pits them against each other in order to assess their abilities. Childhood friends and teammates Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi contemplate whether the genin under their guidance will be able to handle the severity of the Chunin Exam.
  • EPISODIO 51: «Boruto’s Birthday» (28.03.2018)
    Boruto overhears remarks being made about his father and him, adding to the hurt because Naruto has broken his promise to be home for Boruto’s birthday. Shortly after, Team 7 is given a mission to capture a gang of thieves targeting the Thunder Train, who are hiding out in a town near the Land of Fire’s border. But when Team 7 arrives at the town, they find something is not quite right with one of the captured thieves.
  • EPISODIO 52: «Sasuke’s Shadow» (04.04.2018)
    Team 7 enters the mine where the thieves had been hiding out, only to be attacked by a powerful, strange-looking White Zetsu. They find out the mine connects to a ruin belonging to Kaguya Otsutsuki. Team 7 decides to investigate and engage the White Zetsu. As they proceed deeper and deeper into the mine, they make a shocking discovery!
  • EPISODIO 53: «Himawari’s Birthday» (11.04.2018)
    The Chunin Exams are fast approaching and everyone’s excited—except for Boruto, which causes everyone grief. During this time, Boruto and his family have a rare chance to be together to celebrate Himawari’s birthday, and for once it seems his father has kept his promise…
  • EPISODIO 54: «Sasuke and Boruto» (18.04.2018)
    Unable to contain his anger towards his father for ruining Himawari’s birthday as well as his own, Boruto rushes out to confront Naruto. He runs into Sasuke and unknowingly attacks him but is instantly subdued. Amazed at Sasuke’s strength, Boruto asks him to be his teacher. Sasuke agrees to the request but only after Boruto is able to use the Rasengan. In order to win Sasuke’s approval, Boruto trains unusually hard.
  • EPISODIO 55: «The Scientific Ninja Tool» (25.04.2018)
    Boruto manages to perfect his Rasengan and begins training under Sasuke. He’s an extremely strict teacher because Boruto’s unfocused and only thinks about surpassing his father, and keeps looking for the easy way out when training gets tough. Iwabe, Sumire and the others also decide to take the Chunin Exam and turn in their applications. Hoping to show off his skills to Naruto, Boruto decides to apply as well. Meanwhile, the Otsutsuki Clan set their sights on Killer Bee!
  • EPISODIO 56: «Rivals, Gather!» (03.05.2018)
    The Chunin Exams are about to begin and genin from the other villages arrive in droves. The Hidden Sand’s hopefuls include the Kazekage’s adopted son Shinki, and his team mates Yodo and Araya. The Hidden Mists send the Senka triplets, the Hidden Cloud sends Yurui, Iroi, and Tarui. And finally, the Hidden Rock send the Genbu Three. As formidable rivals arrive on the scene, tensions run high as every participant sizes each other up, and prepare for the first round of the Chunin Exams!
  • EPISODIO 57: «The Reason I Can’t Lose» (10.05.2018)
    Round two of the Chunin Exams begins. For the second test, three-man teams must try to capture their rival team’s flags. Sarada and Mitsuki set out for enemy territory while Boruto stays behind to guard their flag. The Senka Triplets from the Hidden Mist attack, and Boruto finds himself in trouble. Boruto considers using the Scientific Ninja Tool that Katasuke gave him, but it’s prohibited to do so during the exam.
  • EPISODIO 58: «The Tournament Begins!» (17.05.2018)
    The third round of the exams begins, consisting of individual battles held tournament style. Boruto’s first match is against Yurui of the Hidden Cloud, and Shikadai is matched up against Yodo of the Hidden Sand. Sarada and Mitsuki are up against Tarui and Toroi of the Hidden Cloud, while Inojin and Cho-Cho pull Araya and Shinki of the Hidden Sand, respectively. After honing their skills in jutsu and strategy, the intense battles between the young shinobi begin!
  • EPISODIO 59: «Boruto vs. Shikadai» (24.05.2018)
    The match between Cho-Cho and Shinki of the Hidden Sand begins. Confronted by a foe who is unbelievably calm and menacing, Cho-Cho assumes a seriousness that she rarely reveals as her teammates watch and cheer her on. Boruto and Shikadai’s match is next, and the moment nears when the two friends will face off against each other for the first time!
  • EPISODIO 60: «The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden Sand» (31.05.2018)
    The tournament nears its finale, as the matches of Sarada vs. Araya of the Hidden Sand and Mitsuki vs. Shinki of the Hidden San begin! Sarada uses her shuriken and Sharingan skills to attack Araya relentlessly, but he counters her with total ease. Her genjutsu has no effect and she is backed into a corner. In Mitsuki and Shinki’s match, the evenly matched duo puts on a show of skills.
  • EPISODIO 61: «The Iron Sand User: Shinki» (07.06.2018)
    The final battle of the tournament begins with Boruto, Sarada and Shinki participating in a battle royale. As the lone representative remaining from the Hidden Sand, Shinki is determined to preserve the pride of the Sand, and goes on the offensive against Boruto and Sarada. Boruto and Sarada team up to fight Shinki, but he puts up an impenetrable defense. Sarada falls, and Boruto’s chakra is nearly exhausted, but he refuses to give up!
  • EPISODIO 62: «The Otsutsuki Invasion» (14.06.2018)
    Momoshiki, Kinshiki and Urashiki of the Otsutsuki Clan suddenly appear in the arena filled with spectators. Using his Scientific Ninja Tool, Boruto hurls jutsu after jutsu to no avail against Momoshiki, who is targeting Naruto. Meanwhile, Urashiki is curious about Mitsuki’s strange power and goes after him, but he is confronted by Gaara along with the Mizukage Chojuro. Naruto and the other ninja do all they can to protect the citizens, and for the first time, Boruto witnesses the magnitude of his father’s power in real combat.
  • EPISODIO 63: «Sasuke’s Secret Weapon» (28.06.2018)
    Naruto uses all his power to protect everyone from the Otsutsuki Clan. Boruto realizes the magnitude of his father’s love for the village and its people and, at the same time, his own weakness. Watching his friends working on repairs and aiding the wounded in the aftermath of the attack, Boruto realizes the meaning of his father’s words. Knowing that this experience has matured his student a little, Sasuke brings up a certain mission.
  • EPISODIO 64: «Rescuing Naruto!» (05.07.2018)
    Sasuke and the Kage wage an intense battle against the ridiculously powerful Momoshiki and Kinshiki of the Otsutsuki Clan. During that time, Boruto and Naruto, who have always been at odds, face each other and connect for the first time. But Momoshiki interrupts their reunion.
Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_00.28_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.03%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_00.50_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.05%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_02.01_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.20%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_03.14_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.25%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_03.34_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.28%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_04.26_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.32%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_04.36_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.34%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_05.08_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.38%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_05.46_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.41%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_06.06_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.44%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_06.29_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.46%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_07.07_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.49%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_07.24_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.51%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_08.26_%255B2017.04.05_11.39.56%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_09.57_%255B2017.04.05_11.40.00%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_10.12_%255B2017.04.05_11.40.07%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_10.26_%255B2017.04.05_11.40.11%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_10.36_%255B2017.04.05_11.40.15%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_10.50_%255B2017.04.05_11.40.17%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_14.50_%255B2017.04.05_11.40.36%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_16.07_%255B2017.04.05_11.40.46%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_16.30_%255B2017.04.05_11.40.55%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_16.34_%255B2017.04.05_11.40.50%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_17.35_%255B2017.04.05_11.41.02%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_17.45_%255B2017.04.05_11.41.04%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_19.03_%255B2017.04.05_11.41.09%255D.png Boruto%2B-%2BNaruto%2BNext%2BGenerations%2B-%2B01%2B%255B1080p%255D%2B%255BMX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT%255D%2B%255B18AB9C1D%255D.mkv_snapshot_19.22_%255B2017.04.05_11.41.20%255D.png
Boruto – Naruto Next Generations [WEB] [720p] [MX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT]: DOWNLOAD o MEGA o MAGNET
Boruto – Naruto Next Generations [WEB] [1080p] [MX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT]: DOWNLOAD o MEGA o MAGNET

Contraseña/Password: www.intercambiosvirtuales.org

Boruto – Naruto Next Generations [WEB] [720p] [MX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT] [NFO]
  • Vídeo: WEB 1280×720 (720p) x264 8 bits
  • Audio: Japonés AAC
  • Subtítulos: Español Latino, Español (España), Inglés, Alemán, Italiano, Portugués
  • Fansub: No (CR)
  • Softsubs: Si
  • Contenedor: MKV (Matroska)
  • Archivos:

Boruto – Naruto Next Generations [WEB] [1080p] [MX-ES-EN-DE-IT-PT] [NFO]

  • Vídeo: WEB 1920×1080 (1080p)  x264 8 bits
  • Audio: Japonés AAC
  • Subtítulos: Español Latino, Español (España), Inglés, Alemán, Italiano, Portugués
  • Fansub: No (CR)
  • Softsubs: Si
  • Contenedor: MKV (Matroska)
  • Archivos:

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@Mathias 21/06/2017 14:18:19 #51

Opino que como aún no esta el capitulo doce, suban dos en vez de uno :roll: Saludos!!

@pepe 21/06/2017 17:55:10 #52

Bien ahi subiendo a mail.ru. No tiran los archivos y buena velocidad de bajada. :clapping:

@bebevirtual666 22/06/2017 12:54:17 #53

muchas gracias por esta serie

@yashiro 29/06/2017 05:24:30 #54

gracais por el aporte :twisted: , -> festyy.com/qZ4ZYx

@Argelio 29/06/2017 11:21:36 #55

:sad: Gracias por el aporte….. Me gustaria pedir que subieran los videos en formato mkv de 80 mb como la antigua serie de naruto…. yo poseo una conexion muy lenta para descargar

@Geokamp 05/07/2017 11:14:38 #56

gracias por el aporte, por cierto ¿subirán la serie de Fate/Apocrypha?

@Cristian 05/07/2017 17:54:50 #57

buenas, amigo proprias re subir o subir los capítulos de naruto shippuden del 280 para abajo a 1080p, es que los links están caídos no se si sea posible estaría genial que los re subieras :) ya que estoy guardando la serie, gracias

@mario 12/07/2017 03:38:12 #58

Hola, gracias por el aporte. El episodio 5 en 1080 está caído. Si puedes revisarlo, gracias.

@rockman88_24 12/07/2017 09:34:22 #59

Muchas gracias por todos los aportes que uno encuentra en intercambios……….. :grin:

@Dhariuz T 12/07/2017 17:00:27 #60

Gracias por el episodio #12 de Boruto :!:

@Miguel 13/07/2017 15:57:32 #61

Los episodios 3-4-5 tanto en 1080 como en 720 estan caidos… algun alma de buen corazon que los resuba???

@JUAN CARLOS PADILLA GARCIA 13/07/2017 19:27:41 #62

gracias :bye: :clapping: :headphone:

@TheAtheist 19/07/2017 04:43:02 #63

Amigo gracias por el cap 16.
Puedes re subir los capítulos de naruto Shippuden del 280 para abajo se que es un post demasiado viejo, Pero estaría increíble que pudieras re subirlo en 1080p.
Gracias Equipo IV !

@Rockman 19/07/2017 10:09:44 #64

Muchas gracias por todos los aportes que uno encuentra en intercambios……….. :grin:

@Dhariuz T 19/07/2017 15:13:01 #65

Gracias por loe episodios #13, #14, #15, #16 de Boruto – NNG :!:

@Dirbancce 09/08/2017 20:45:11 #66

Gracias :notworthy: por los capítulos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 y 19.

– Saludos. :bye:

@TepAliss 14/09/2017 10:04:35 #67

:huh: HOLA!!


@Alexander Rivass 04/10/2017 14:18:02 #68

Una pregunta van a subir los capitulos a cloud mail, mega sigue dando problemas y hasta ahora cloud es la mejor opción

@Erick 11/10/2017 08:57:25 #69

Disculpen ya no volveran a subir peliculas?

@Oogie Matus 11/10/2017 09:06:55 #70

Gracias por compartir.

@sinchu 13/10/2017 20:59:03 #71


@carlos alberto 18/10/2017 17:25:00 #72

hola como estan, queria decirles 2 cosas, la primera es que muchas gracias por los archivos y videos de estos grandiosos animes que yo atesoro con mucho cariño y que lo comparto con mi familia, de verdad muchas gracias por tantos años de buen anime pero el segundo es que desde hace unas 2 semanas que no puedo conseguir los enlaces de mega, siempre me dice: Lo sentimos este ID no existe. posiblemente tengan problemas para ese servidor espero que todo sea solucionado a la brevedad posible. De todo corazòn y saludo a toda la comunidad. :original:

@mayorre 21/10/2017 10:29:12 #73

:sad: podrian resubir el 28 720p?

@cristian 23/10/2017 20:35:10 #74

hola el 28 esta caido de mega :c

@marcomac2000 27/10/2017 23:17:27 #75

Gracias por compartir la serie. Si pueden volver a compartir el capitulo 28 esta caido. :wink: :original:

@Chita 31/10/2017 19:18:19 #76

Señores de “Equipo IV”, por qué los capítulos en 1080p solo pesan 550mb?.
Una versión en 1080p que tenga buena calidad de imagen debe pesar cerca de 1 Gb.
Por eso es que esus animes no tienen buena calidad de imagen.

@Dhariuz T 01/11/2017 19:23:54 #77

Gracias por compartir los episodios hasta el del día de hoy, #31 :!:

@LYCANLI 05/11/2017 23:15:48 #78

Pueden volver a subir el capitulo 28 en mega no funciona :sad: :sad: gracias de antemano y por todos los aportes :original: :original:

@Dhariuz T 08/11/2017 19:07:16 #79

Gracias por el episodio #32 de Boruto :!:

@Gtenks96 11/11/2017 13:19:08 #80

Toca actualizar en la ventana de “Datos tecnicos” el peso promedio de los archivos. Ahora los de 720p pesan alrededor de 420MB y los de 1080p alrededor de 1.05 GB :nosweat:

@Fenric82 11/11/2017 19:28:44 #81

Gracias, por compartir el capítulo. Pero no está substitulado. Ninguno de los dos: 720p ni 1080p

@rockman88_24 15/11/2017 10:16:00 #82

Muchas gracias

@Dhariuz T 16/11/2017 19:17:24 #83

Gracias por el episodio #33 de Boruto: Naruto Next Generations :!:

@Dhariuz T 20/12/2017 16:12:59 #84

Gracias por los episodios del #35 al #38 de Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:!:

@Dhariuz T 27/12/2017 11:55:08 #85

Gracias por el episodio #39 de Boruto: Naruto Next Generations :!:

@hjtlacuahuac 11/01/2018 14:45:02 #86

y cuando se reaundara la emision ? :mellow:

@hjtlacuahuac 11/01/2018 14:49:36 #87

jejejeje perdón ya vi que ya esta el cap 40 :grin:
GRACIAS :roftl:

@rockman88_24 15/01/2018 14:18:31 #88

Gracias y mas aun por conservar en la lista de enlaces los capitulos anteriores. :cool:

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